Thank you, women!

Photo by Hasan Almasi

Photo by Hasan Almasi

Happy International Women’s Day, humans of the world.

I am sometimes hesitant in offering any remarks on days such as these, days that require an everyday effort. But I am also aware that designated focused times are worthwhile, for we show up and express in a way that connects us, reminds us that we’re not alone.

I become increasingly moved by the love and support women are offering other women around the globe today, and everyday. This is worth celebrating!

Here is my offering. My gratitude.

& to all the humans of this world - love!

Women, Thank You!

To the woman who
shaped me.
The one from whom
I came
Who’s body was broken
to build mine
Who tickled my back
When I couldn’t sleep
Who told me if I failed
She would still love me
Who told me I was 
When I didn’t believe it.
Who was carried out 
of our home on a
Yet grabbed my sister’s
hand to ensure
she knew where her
birthday gift was 

To the one who truly
sacrificed her life
for her babes.
I don’t know that I will
Ever understand
But I am forever
Thank you.

To the women who
adopted me
When my mother was
No more.
How can I repay
your kindness?
Those who held me,
encouraged me.
Who picked me up
like I was one
of their own.
Thank you.

To the ones who 
walked a path
of independence
Who wrote, 
Who enlightened the world
to our equality
To the ones who 
showed me what
was possible.

The strong woman,
the weak woman,
the one who keeps
getting up,
the one who stayed
in bed longer
“Still I rise!”
The one taking care
of children, friends,
the world,
To the ones married
to amazement!

I am who I am
because of all of you,
dear women.

Your love is
the world.