How to Fall in Love

Photo by Katherine Hanlon

Photo by Katherine Hanlon

“The more you know about love, the less important it is who you're loving."
~Alain de Botton

Sweet friends,

We enter love month again… Yes, I know it’s become trite.  But nothing starts trite.  Meaning has been infused into our calendar as soon as one was created.  Paganism, the Catholic church, striving to bring meaning into everyday life - to have us sit and think about a certain thing, when we would be too busy to do otherwise.  So, why not take it?  

What does it mean to consider this love month?  Or what can Valentine’s be for us?  We could go back to Saint Valentine and the Catholic church.  And an understanding that Valentine’s did not become a romantic notion until the 14th century is helpful.  This is often where the extreme feelings of either adoration or dislike for the holiday arises.  Nothing moves us much more than romantic love.  Romanticism has become our new religion.  The thing that will save us from our loneliness.. more on this later.  BUT, for now, for me, for the sake of using our calendar and culture to imbibe some true meaning for us - for you - what might that look like?


I am hosting a poetry circle this month with a focus on love.  Everyone brings a poem along this theme.  I hope to experience a deep expansion of our experience of love.  A recognition of it’s ever presence in our lives in all the forms it may come.  Is there more meaning than this? 
A friend of mine recently expressed that our experience of love may be the deepest metaphor for understanding a concept of God - or we could say connection, meaning, significance, hope.  I think she’s right.  


So, let’s take a look this month.  Become a little more conscious and aware of the ever-present love that surrounds us.  By the very nature of being consistently held by the earth.  By the fact that we have breathe and thumbs and legs.  That health care is affordable, that education exists, that we have friends who still like us when they know us.  That animals roam, and birds fly and sing and some of them want to be held by you.  That food also tastes good.  That flowers smell sweet.  That some humans want to kiss your face, and other parts of you.  That when someone dies - we cry.  That even our weeds have healing properties.  That in subzero temperatures we still live.  That my brother and I have the same eyes.  That my neighbour shovelled my walk.  That my IT guy brought our staff homemade cookies.  That several strangers stopped to push me out of the snow yesterday.  That chocolate exists.  That when I am alone, I am still surrounded by buzzing life that won’t leave me alone.  We belong to it.  Life is love. Welcome you, to it.  

I love you.