The Superhero Heart

I love superhero movies.  Most of my friends are surprised by this, as typically, these films are not the most sophisticated, profound or insightful.  And no one wants to see them with me except my father.  So it has become our date together - which is lovely. 
A part from the epic music scores, beautiful people, and the cliche good beats evil plot line lies what I believe I am most drawn to in these movies - an epic fight for oneself, beliefs, others.  Yes, maybe it’s too simple a storyline.  But maybe that’s the point.  And, here is the truth.  I feel like I am a superhero.  I grin as I write this, but it’s true.  And I mean this in the way that Chesterton said, “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”  Therefore, I am a superhero - we all are - in the way we perceive, act in creating the world.  Isn’t this a profound perception, with very real consequences?  Why not think this way?  Why not add a mental epic playlist to your day (think Kronk in the Emperor’s New Groove)?  What might it change?  That the most simplest act really does matter?  That each action infused with intention and love is changing the world - the world in that moment.  

Today I’m picking up soup for single, young moms and then I’m helping a few of them plan their careers, and then I’m going to write a piece that I hope inspires people, but I’m also getting groceries - I really need shampoo.  And my cat will die tomorrow if I forget to buy her food one more time.  I also need to check the oil in my old car, because, as my dad keeps reminding me, my car will not take me much further if I don’t care for it better.  I should also move my body today because I haven’t in a few days and I’m starting to feel weak.  You know, the ‘normal’ things of life.  So goes the superhero’s journey - the human and superhuman experiences that fill our day.  This is how I choose to greet it - by being present with these young moms, by battling feelings of inadequacy and complacency, by entering into each moment with as much awareness as I can muster, by fighting the darkness and creating magic.  And I will probably end it by running along the river in these subzero Calgarian temperatures to the soundtrack of Superman and KNOW that I am the strongest woman in the world - for me.. :)

My sweet super friends, be the hero of your story today.  Make it grand.  Make it epic, piece by piece, changing the world, by shifting our minds..