"[Life] is a musical thing and you are supposed to sing or dance while the music is being played."  ~Alan Watts

Today I am aware of my tendency to run.  Like a hamster - in a wheel.  I wake with to-do lists in my head, I scurry about all morning - task to task, very robotically and mindlessly to get ready for my day.  Most days are busy, packed, really.  Mostly with obligations, others with self-imposed disciplines such as exercise and study.  Things that are neither good or bad and sometimes both.  
Lately though, I have become a little more cognizant of the girl inside of me anxious to get out and play.  I have kept her trapped for too long and she is getting impatient.  
Are adults simply working to finally play again?  Is play not an essential part of life?  
Philosopher Alan Watts' basic metaphysical assumption hinges on an understanding that the universe is essentially playful.  The universe has no necessity that can be fully comprehended, and yet it exists - beautiful and blatant.  With all our gust and endearing drive could we have forgotten what it means to simply exist in this paradise?  Have we forgotten to stop and look around and remember what a gift it is to simply be alive?  There is much we can learn from children, who wake up and immediately start to explore and play.  That is our nature!  
Today, I remember little Stephanie excited to explore.  That is my intention today.  I hope it's yours.