Magic Making

One of my favourite Christmas gifts of the year has arrived via the gem, Susannah Conway.  Susannah is one of my favourite humans I have found online.  Her vulnerability, creativity and inspiration always move me.  I have been inspired by her time and again and delight in following her work.  
Susannah offers online classes on self-exploration via journalling, photography, writing and much more.  She also graciously gifts fantastic free material into the world, two of which have profoundly impacted my life the past several years - Unravel Your Year and Find Your Word.  Please read Susannah’s description of these tools and the impact of them on her life.  Here’s mine.

I have never been one to make new year’s resolutions, even though I am extremely growth oriented.  Many people don’t.  It’s like dieting - it just doesn’t work.  We’re looking for sustainability, a true lifestyle change, not a short term fix.  And that’s typically how new year’s resolutions let us down - it’s hype and excitement without the tools for lasting change and growth.  SO, enter Susannah’s little gift to the world as an alternative to new year’s resolutions.  Essentially, it’s a comprehensive, self-reflective workbook to elicit your deep desires in the various aspects of your life - from the feel of your home, your desired relationships to the scope of your work in the world.  I have worked through two workbooks the last two years and am working on my third this year, and I must say that taking the time (it’s a hefty piece of work) through this workbook has helped me identify and clarify my life’s work and in turn has kept me tending to these dreams and desires.  And as I print it year after year and pass it out to my friends and family, I will also advertise it here for you.  Take some time this December or January to consider how you want to create your beautiful life, I will be joining you on the page.