The Life Changing Act of Walking

There is a common experience that has been frequently occurring in the past several years of my life - it's a call to walk.  This is not an astounding revelation.  I'm sure that most of us can easily recall a deep sense of satisfaction when we remember walks of leisure.  But here is the significant piece for me, there is so much that we know that we don't practice.  And practice is life changing.
So, I have many calls to walk, almost daily.  The voice inside me asking me to take that break, to move, to get outside, to observe and see again.  I often ignore this call, because, hell, I'm exhausted!  I'd rather watch Jessica Jones on Netflix with an AlterEco chocolate bar and glass of wine.  But, when I do answer that call, that simple and basic human act, magic occurs.  Suddenly, I live in a world with streams of morning sun, baby blue skies, dozens of bird calls, laughing children, hundred year old pines, bounding squirrels, sage cats holding the truth (we live in a paradise) and everywhere life, growth and beauty.  And as I softly witness, without realizing, this is all there is, this bountiful paradise.  My mind is finally with me.  Nothing else exists other then what does, and I am in utter joy and peace.  And, ah, these gifts are priceless.  How magnificent that from the most base and natural of human actions these can be found.  Rich, indeed.