~ Nutrition ~

Food ~ the base of human need and experience and foundation of our ‘aliveness.’  The ‘what’ of the food we put in our mouths (nutrition) has profound impact on the rest of our being.  When considered and chosen mindfully, all states ~ the physical, mental, emotional (even spiritual) are transformed.

~ Inspiration ~

Inspiration marries desire and belief and propels us to great agency and action.  A daily dose of inspiration, for me, is a basic need in a world full of people who have lost a sense of ‘aliveness.’

~ Imagination ~

Imagination is our perception of and capacity for creating reality.  In imagination lies hope, potential, growth, change and ingenuity.  When taken seriously, we then take part in designing our own world.  This is where magic happens!

Welcome sweet human,

I’m Stephanie, a Holistic Nutritionist, program manager, coach, entrepreneur, writer, dancer, poet and dreamer. 

After my mother passed away and turning 18, I spent the next 7 years studying a variety of disciplines all over the world.  These included theology, anthropology, linguistics, pedagogy, dance, dance history, and nutrition with a bit of philosophy, history and sociology sprinkled in.  I moved to Belize then Germany, Manitoba, to the States then back home to Calgary.  I spent a significant amount of time in Jamaica, toured China with a dance company and taught English in Seoul, Korea for a year.  It’s obvious, I love to travel, experience and express.   I desire to be constantly growing and will therefore always be a student. 

Since globe trotting, I have worked in Canada in social services for over 7 years as coach and program manager with a short stint as a Nutritionist at a holistic cancer treatment centre, all the while, dancing, writing and cultivating artistic, intellectually stimulating and mindful gatherings and communities.  Now in my 30s, I feel as though I am sinking into myself in a way I had not previously experienced.  Embracing my variety loving self and seeing that all I have studied, learned and experienced has only enriched my life and work.  I would not have it any other way.

I find inspiration everywhere!  And so, my deep desire is to express what I know, show what I see, to compile my many learnings and give it back to you with all my love.  In this space I will share much for the heart, nourishment for the body, imagination for the soul and always something to inspire you in your beautiful life. 

As I write, rain pours as only it can in Calgary – hard, steadfast, with great agency and splash.  I feel especially held in my dry home.  And I wish for you great agency for life, and a deep sense of belonging to it.  I don’t know you, but I love you.  Let’s live this life alive and well!

All my love,