~ Connection ~

I believe I have landed on the idea that connection (with self, other, world) might be the key for all rest (ease), meaning, understanding and purpose in being human. We start here, and the rest naturally follows.

~ Inspiration ~

Inspiration marries desire and belief and propels us to great agency and action.  Inspiration, for me, feels as necessary as breathing. It keeps us alive in a world where numbing is often easier.

~ Imagination ~

Imagination is our perception of and capacity for creating reality.  In imagination lies hope, potential, growth, creativity, change and ingenuity.  When taken seriously, we then take part in designing our own world.  This is where magic happens!

Welcome sweet human,

I’m Stephanie, a human in search of authentic and full living.

After my mother passed away and turning 18, I spent the next 7 years studying a variety of disciplines all over the world.  These included theology, anthropology, linguistics, pedagogy, dance, dance history, and nutrition with a bit of philosophy, history and sociology sprinkled in.  I moved to Belize then Germany, Manitoba, to the States then back home to Calgary.  I spent a significant amount of time in Jamaica, toured China with a dance company and taught English in Seoul, Korea for a year.  It’s obvious, I love to travel, study, experience and express.  I desire to be constantly growing and will therefore always be a student. 

Since globe trotting, I have worked in Canada in social services for over 8 years as case worker and program manager with a short stint as a Nutritionist at a holistic cancer treatment centre, all the while, dancing, writing and cultivating artistic, intellectually stimulating and mindful conversations, gatherings and community.  Now in my 30s, I feel as though I am sinking into myself in a way I had not previously experienced.  Embracing my variety loving self and seeing that all I have studied, learned and experienced has only enriched my life and work.

And then, mid-thirties, came the uprising of my childhood trauma and a deep, dark year of experiencing anxiety and depression for the first time in my life. This blanketed my entire existence at the time (as one who experiences these knows) and deeply changed my being. I can only say this in hindsight, but as one who has largely feasted on and projected extreme optimism, enthusiasm and delight, I now feel that I am learning to also integrate the hard feelings and experiences that also make up life. To greet ALL the feelings that arise, with love (this is a continual practice and learning). And, I feel more whole, more loved, more… human.

My deep desire has always been to express and share what I am learning and experiencing.  I have found that this has allowed me to connect further with myself and also with others. In sharing and expression (connection), we learn we are not alone. And this makes life very meaningful.

And so, I’ve dedicated this space to connecting with ourselves and with others and exploring what it means to be human through writing, book clubs, and creative gatherings. May we have the courage to greet whatever we encounter.

As I write, rain pours as only it can in Calgary – hard, steadfast, with great agency and splash.  I feel especially held in my dry home.  And I wish for you a deep sense of being held and belonging to life.  I don’t know you, but I love you.  Let’s live this life alive and well!

All my love,